Transacting Bitcoin has never been easier, quicker or cheaper!

No complicated charts, analysis, flashing prices or endless lists of coins.

We're different

Simple Sign Up

It takes less than a minute to download and register

3 Options

Transact using the Bitcoin blockchain,
Express or Lightning Network


Choose Express (Walleto-to-Walleto) or
Lightning Network for instantaneous transactions


Benefit from exclusive in-app
promotions and rewards


No need to worry about memorizing or
losing your private keys

It’s easy!

  1. Download Walleto and create an account
  2. Set up 2-FA and your Recovery Phrase
  3. Login, go to ‘Top Up Your Balance’
  4. Select how you want to transact
  5. Begin transacting!


Why Bitcoin?

Walleto is an exclusively Bitcoin wallet because Bitcoin is the original, most secure and most widely used cryptocurrency.

Why Lightning Network?

Lightning Network facilitates instantaneous Bitcoin transactions with extremely low fees.

Why Bitfury?

Walleto has been developed by Bitfury, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company.


1. Transactions between Walleto users are instantaneous and with no fees whatsoever.

2. Transactions using Lightning Network take a minute or two and incur fees that are a fraction of those on the Bitcoin blockchain.

3. Transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain can take several minutes with fees dependent on how busy the blockchain network is.