Hardware wallets, otherwise known as “cold storage”, store your cryptocurrency offline.
They are easy to use and by far the safest way to store your Bitcoin.

We recommend you use a hardware wallet to store your Bitcoin and as such we have partnered with Ledger, the world’s leading hardware wallet provider. Their Nano S and Nano X are the most widely used hardware wallets on the market.

If you choose the Nano S, which looks similar to a USB device, all you have to do is plug it into your computer or laptop, enter a PIN number you set up and you’re ready to make transactions. You should also save your 24-word phrase to retrieve your Bitcoin in case you lose your PIN or damage your device.

With the Nano X, which has more memory than the Nano S, you have the convenience of on-the-go, remote access. No need to hook up to your computer or laptop, all you need is a Bluetooth connection.

Think of these hardware wallets as your own password protected vault!